Ravenna in tutti i sensi si propone di incentivare la cultura partecipativa dei cittadini nello spazio urbano

Discovering the Port of Ravenna<br />In the Boat on Candiano!

Discovering the Port of Ravenna
In the Boat on Candiano!

The group ARsRA – Ravenna in all respects and the Association Save Industrial Heritage are presenting an unusual excursion among the architectures, the industrial and natural landscape and the historic settlements along the harbor canal Candiano from Marina of Ravenna to the mobile bridge of the Darsena in the city of Ravenna.

Two departures are scheduled, gathering in front of the Timone Bar (Strada Molo Dalmazia, 63 – Marina di Ravenna):

  • Saturday 26 July 2014 at 18:00 o’clock
  • Sunday 27 July 2014 always at 18:30 o’clock

The boat will leave only if a minimum of 25 people is reached. Places are limited therefore a RESERVATION is COMPULSORY: you can carry it out by filling in the reservation form online or by calling this number 334 9470326.

The excursion will take place along the Candiano canal, starting from the lighthouse at Marina of Ravenna up to the mobile bridge and back, il will last about an hour and will be enhanced by the valuable information that the experts of Industrial archeology from ARsRA and Save Industrial Heritage are going to tell.

At the end of the excursion in the boat a drink together at the Timone Bar will be provided.


What are you waiting for? Do the reservation!

Ravenna Inspiration Contest

Ravenna Inspiration Contest

Ravenna Inspiration” is an international announcement of illustration that wants to promote participatory collaboration of artists from all around the world to design the game RAVENNOPOLI, whose performance is expected to happen at Ravenna in October 2014.

The announcement is open to everybody, regardless of age, and you can participate individually or with a group.

Participants are required to develop the most varied and original interpretations of one or more areas of RAVENNOPOLI, creating graphic illustrations of all the boxes that identify the chosen areas. Each participant, following the instructions provided in the regulation of the announcemente, is allowed to submit up to a maximum of three creative proposals.

We have to receive the nominations by August 13, 2014 and, thereafter, a qualified jury will select:

  • the winning proposal for the competition, ; to whom two nights at Ravenna will be assigned;
  • 7 other proposals which, along with the winner, will be used for the composition of the game board.


Download application here: